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The Lockout Delete was designed to fit the "Borg Warner" designed T-56 as seen in the picture above.  The factory lockout must be pointing to the front of the transmission towards the bell housing or downward to the ground.  If the factory lockout points to the rear of the transmission towards the driveshaft, our delete WILL NOT fit. The new T-56s with rear facing solinoids have been redesigned and can be found here.


Wiring the Reverse Lockout Solenoid on a T-56 is a frustrating process on most swaps. Most commonly, builders remove the lockout solenoid or leave the solenoid un-wired which requires the driver to “muscle” through the lockout into reverse.  Muscling the shifter into reverse can cause damage to the transmission while deleting the lockout leaves a high risk of accidentally shifting into reverse while driving.  The T-56 and TR-6060 Reverse Solenoid Delete is designed as a safer alternative to completely removing or “muscling” through the solenoid.  The Delete offers the right amount of resistance to reduce the risk of accidentally shifting into reverse without risking the damage caused by “muscling” the shifter. 


The Solenoid Delete will come with one M8x1.25x30 SHCS, one softer spring (a must for short shiters and some relocation cases), and the O-ring needed for installation.  The Delete is NOT a lockout and will not completely prevent the driver from going into reverse. As with any modification, care should be taken to understand the limitations and expectations of said modification before installation.  

T-56 / TR-6060 Reverse Solenoid Delete (Forward and Downward Facing)

SKU: RDE - 6032